Cabret Recount

The Moonee Ponds Cabret started with the whole school going to the clocktower and having a pratice.After the pratice the classes started getting ready for the maternee getting dressed up and put on makeup.

When the maternee finished we went home then  came back to the clocktower to get ready for the night performance everyone was exsited to get out there and sing their Cabret song.Our classes was mached up with 3 songs Heart n Soul, I’m ready and magic by B.O.B.

Before we did our song the teachers sang live louder by nathanual.For our finale the song was happy the 5/6s went on the side where the audience were, we were singing and danceing.

Spelling Term 4 Week 2

Activity One:

Sustainable – (adjective) capable of being supported or upheld, as by having it’s weight borne from  below.

Investigate – (verb) to examine, study, or inquire into systematically ; search or examine into the particulars of ; examine in detail.

Generate – (verb) to bring into existance ; cause to be ; produce.

Environment – (noun) the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences ; milieu.

Opportunities – (noun) an appropriate or favorable time or occasion.

Social – (adjective) seeking or enjoying the companionship of others.

Historical – (adjective) history or past events.

Cultural – (adjective) of or pertaining to culture or cultivation.

Discussion – (noun) an act or instance of discussing.

Potential – (adjective) possible, as opposed to actual.


Spelling Term 4 Week 1

Activity One:

Indices – (noun) a plurel of index.

Metallurgy – (noun) the technigue or Science of working or heating metals so as to give them certain desired shapes or properties.

Geology – (noun) the study of this Science.

Zoology – (noun) the Science or branch of biology dealing with animals.

Experiment – (noun) the conducting of such operations.

Mineral – (noun) a substance obtained by mining,as ore.

Gravity – (noun) heaviness or weight.

Botany – (noun) the plant life of a region.

Beaker – (noun) a large drinking cup or glass with a wide mouth.

Physicist – (noun) a Scientist who specializes in Physics.

The descissions

One Saturday afternoon the mixed footy team  came out  running proud. When the game started the umpire would think to give a free kick or a yellow card and red card.

Next to the footy game there was a soccer game going on the umpire umpiring that game made a weird descission like ” 50 metres”! ” What were playing a soccer game here”! Scremed one of the players.

Spelling Term 3 Week 5

Activity One:

Ascend            Ascend               Ascend

Damaging       Damaging          Damaging

Degrees    Degrees    Degrees

Driest    Driest    Driest

Humidity    Humidity    Humidity

Intensity   Intensity    Intensity

Moisture    Moisture    Moisture

Monsoon   Monsoon   Monsoon

Mountains   Mountains  Mountains

ozone    ozone      ozone

Activity Four:

Degrees – A right angle is 45 digrees.

Driest – This year so far 450 has been the Driest day.

Mountains – We are making clay Mountains.

ozone – The ozone is getting bigger by the day.

Activity Six:

1. Cyclone: Cyclonic

2. Cylinder: Cylinderical

3. Cycle: Cyclical, Cyclic

4. Hero: Heroic, Heroical

5. History: Historic, Historical

6. Magic: Magic, Magical

7. music: music, musical

8. poetry: poetric, poetrical