Camberra Camp Reflection !

On Monday the 25th of november we went on the bus to Camberra Camp Everyone was chating,drawing and some people just having a relax. When we got there we were ready to now who was in our cabien.

Monday night me Thomas and Theo did our scite we came in second place. Tuesday night we went Swimming and got our own Swimming Caps.

Wednesday all the 5/6’s went to Questacon, I did the blocks where you had to do a picture of a Animal then we watched a 3-D Movie created by wifi. Thursday we went to AIS and did the tour of all the Olympic Sports alittle wile  after that we played for Sports our group played Sock wrestling, Soccer and hockey the other Sport was Dodge ball we didn’t get to do it because we ran out of time.

Friday Morning everyone was exsited to be comeing back to Melbourne but also very tired.On the way back to Melbourne people were talking about their own things or even having a relax.






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