Spelling Term 4 Week 6

Activity One:

Penguin – (noun) any flightless marine bird.

Windiest – (adjective) related to wind.

Landscape – (noun) an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view.

Antarctica – (noun) a continent lying within the antarctic circle.

Station – (noun) a place or position where a person or thing stand.

Activity Two:

Military – Militaries

Country – Countries

Territory – Territories

Activity Three:

Their going to the fair where the Practice is happening.

Cabret Recount

The Moonee Ponds Cabret started with the whole school going to the clocktower and having a pratice.After the pratice the classes started getting ready for the maternee getting dressed up and put on makeup.

When the maternee finished we went home then  came back to the clocktower to get ready for the night performance everyone was exsited to get out there and sing their Cabret song.Our classes was mached up with 3 songs Heart n Soul, I’m ready and magic by B.O.B.

Before we did our song the teachers sang live louder by nathanual.For our finale the song was happy the 5/6s went on the side where the audience were, we were singing and danceing.