Spelling Term 3 Week 5

Activity One:

Ascend            Ascend               Ascend

Damaging       Damaging          Damaging

Degrees    Degrees    Degrees

Driest    Driest    Driest

Humidity    Humidity    Humidity

Intensity   Intensity    Intensity

Moisture    Moisture    Moisture

Monsoon   Monsoon   Monsoon

Mountains   Mountains  Mountains

ozone    ozone      ozone

Activity Four:

Degrees – A right angle is 45 digrees.

Driest – This year so far 450 has been the Driest day.

Mountains – We are making clay Mountains.

ozone – The ozone is getting bigger by the day.

Activity Six:

1. Cyclone: Cyclonic

2. Cylinder: Cylinderical

3. Cycle: Cyclical, Cyclic

4. Hero: Heroic, Heroical

5. History: Historic, Historical

6. Magic: Magic, Magical

7. music: music, musical

8. poetry: poetric, poetrical


Spelling Term 3 Week 4

Activity One:

Eposed     Eposed     Eposed

Region     Region     Region

Natural     Natural     Natural

different     different     different

Locations     Locations     Locations

Common     Common     Common

snowstorm     snowstorm     snowstorm

Property     Property     Property

Condition     Condition     Condition

fire fighters     fire fighters     fire fighters

Activity Four:

Natural – Theese lollies have Natural sugars.

different – This sum is different to this sum.

Common – Lcm stands for Lowest Common Multiple.

Locations – We are going to find 10 different Locations.

Activity Six:

– able             – action, Extraction,Redaction,Nonaction,Attraction,Distraction.

– ible,incredible,edible,risible,fusible,legible.






Suffix – A suffix is for example – late you use – trans – late to make translate.