Spelling Term 3 Week 2

Activity One:

extreme    extreme    extreme

weather    weather    weather

cyclone    cyclone     cyclone

flood        flood         flood

hail          hail           hail

rain        rain           rain

Storm     Storm      Storm

bushfire    bushfire     bushfire

heatwave    heatwave      heatwave

Coastal       Coastal         Coastal

Activity Four:

flood – There was a flood in the streets where the cars where.

bushfire – The kids debate topic is bushfire.

weather – Today’s weather is cold.

extreme – The wind is extreme.

Activity Five :

Dicussion Director

Word Watcher


Passage Master

Captain ( or Contessa) Comprehension

Tally Master

Read as many pages as the Tally Master askes you to do.

Activity Six:

A word, letter, or number placed before another.

pre:                               hyper:    hyperactive hypersensitive  hypercondriac hyperacid hyperbaric   hyperacute  hyperarid  hyperaware   hyperbola   hyperbolas.













preacting                     trans: translate  transport   transact transacts transalpine  transactors  transactor transactions transaxle  transaxles.

Spelling Term 3 Week 1

Activity One:

speech          speech        speech

debate         debate         debate

present       present        present

manner      manner       manner

matter        matter         matter

method     method       method

talk           talk               talk

prepared    prepared        prepared

team           team               team

judge          judge              judge

Activity Two :

present – A verb tense that expresses actions or states at the time of speaking.

method – The method tends to deemphasize the role of factions or parties and promote rather than simply list known alternatives.

talk – An act of talk to an audience.

judge –  A judge is someone who judges is a judge.

present – The boys got up to present to the class.

method – They had their role now they had to find out what their method is.

talk – Jery got into  truble so he had to talk tothe teacher quietly.

judge – The judges had to make their desition outside but one judge was sick.

The electrical storm

Our family went to  the forest in the grapions to camp. We pitched the tent by the side of a lake.

The forest seemed alive as you could hear the cockatroos screech in the eucalyptus trees and the wind rustle the leaves.

We were surprised to hear the clap of thunder of an electrical storm. Lightning flashed in the sky brightly comeing close to our camping spot.

The wind blew hard in our faces. A lightning flash staarted the fire near us. We rushed back to the car to escape back up the path to where we started.

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 1 Problem 24

This Problem Solving question said Each bead has a value according to it’s colour. The question was  what is the value of the last string?

The white beads value I got was 5. Secondly the light two beads value I got was 4.

Lastly the two dark beads value I got was 6.

One x one white bead = 5

Two x two light beads = 8

Two x two dark beads = 12.

The answer I got was 25 because 12 + 8 + 5 = 25 and thats how I completed this problem solving question.


Tickets For The Final

Dad and I are exsited to be going to the hawks Grand Final at the MCG.

We got off the train and rushed to get our tickets because we want to get into see the hawks win the Grand Final.

We line up anxiously. Finally we get to the window and asked the man for 2 tickets ” but i’m afraid it’s the last one” he said. I falt so disapointed and shoked.

” Dad do you have an idea?” ” everything is going to be oright”.

He called Auntie Jo who was sick and couldn’t use her ticket.

We russed to her place russed back to the MCG. Hureing through the gate we hire the siren for the start of the game. ” Go Hawthorn!”