Arriving in Melbourne

Queensland is hot most days. But it was far too hot for Tom’s holiday. 

So he decided to go to a place that was not too hot, a place that was just right. He decided to go to Melbourne because only a few days it was too hot and others just right.

In Melbourne, the clouds were dark as Tom stepped off the plane.  First, he was going to the footy to see his team play.  He was putting his raincoat in his bag and then trees started shaking.  A gust of wind blew away his raincoat.   Hail started falling from the clouds.   At least he didn’t have to worry about being too hot.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 8 Problem 23

I had to roll the same number I started at s and had to finish at f. I rolled a 2 then I rolled another 2 then I was on 4 there was was a  ladder there I went up the ladder now I was on 10.

Next I rolled another 2 I was on 12 there was another ladder there so I went up the ladder now I was on 16. I rolled another 2 now I was on 18 then I rolled another two I had made it to the f and thats how I completed that snakes and ladders problem solving question.


The World Cup

As I left home, I told my dog, Joe, “I’ll be going to the football so I’ll be  back after the game.”

Having our own team in the World Cup grand final, especially when hosting, is pretty special.  I was really pumped as I took my seat, and the game was as exciting as I’d hoped.   Brazil were 2-0 up with 2 minutes to go, when the referee blew his whistle.  A dog had made it’s way onto the ground! I looked at the big screeen and it was Joe!

But thats what happens in Brazil when you leave a door open and a dog inside!!

Spelling Term 2 Week 8

Activity One:

Recycle – We should recycle paper we don’t use.

Reuse – We can reuse the paper to make something.

Packaging – Today I didn’t use packaging in my food.

Plastic – Today I made something out of plastic.

Glass – I dropped the glass on the floor I cleaned it up with the cleaner.

Reduse – When I whent to eb games one of the games I got was $ 35 they redused it to $ 15.

Paper Bin – I whent to grab the paper bin.

Metal – The jacket I had was made of metal.

Tin – My tin was full of money.

Durt – I got durt in my eye from running.

Activity Two:

Author’s purpose Persuade – The author tries to persuade you with a ad, reassons and how much it is.

There was no packaging in my lunch box. I whent look if the packaging fall in my bag.

Then I stepped on some sharp glass.

The next day I couldn’t go to school because I had the glass in my foot so I bort a game that used to be $ 50 know it was $ 10!

Inform – I think this imformation tals the reader that the imformation is made up.


The Chocolate Egg

One afternoon there was a boy who was running through the bushes and he dropped his chocolate egg into the long, green grass. He scrambled around on his knees looking and searching.

Then he realised there was minature people helping to clean it up. It had smashed into a rock and broken open. The work people seemed to know what they where doing they must have done this before.

I wonder if the caramel tastes the same for them as it does for us. They where filling tiny cones with all the gooey caramel … Yummmmm!

Term 2 Week 7

Activity One:

Mixture – The mixture I specially put in was flour.

Science – We whent into the science room for the first time.

Water – I had a big drink of water after my run.

Equipment – I helped the teacher with the equipment.

Cleaner – I used the cleaner to wash the windows.

Activity Two:

Elements – Both oxygen and iron are Elements in the periodic table.

Water – Water is made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

Iron – Iron is a common metal element in the periodic table.

The latch in the darkness

One dark night Tim was running with his friend, Josh. They crossed into a valley that was pitch black.  They couldn’t see where they were going. 

Tim and his friend bumped into something that stopped them in their tracks.  They reached forward into the darkness to feel what was there.  The straight, cold bars felt like heavy metal.  Shaking the bars made a creaking sound.  Next they tried to find the latch to open the gate, but it was kept closed with a string. Pulling the string did no good. Josh felt a sharp stone on the ground, so he used it to cut through the string.

The gateway was finally open.