The newsagent

One day I saw this man at the newsagents working. His name was Jerry, and he was yelling at a customer who he thought had stole something.  I was surprised someone would come in and just steal in broad daylight, with the staff  right there.

Jerry screamed, “Hey, what are ya doing, Mister?”

The customer replied  “But ah ped fer it errlier. I jest pepped beck to peck it ep.”

Some of the words sounded like a foreign language.  I asked the customer what country he was from.

He replied, “Australia, wherre are ya fro, matey?”

Red faced I left the newsagent quietly. 



One thought on “The newsagent

  1. Hi Eamon I think this story is great but maybe you should have a different title so if you read it you know that it is the 100wc and put the scentence there to for example 100wc week #21 …and when I opened the cupboard door… from T.R

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