And when I opened the cupboard door…

I got back home from school and nowone was home I yelled hello then I fell down a big dark black whole.

Then I landed bag then I realised I had a touch in my pocket I turned the touch on and next to me was a lamp.

And when I opened the cupboard door I went up the stares my family was having a party for my birthday I was happy to be back home.

I will never try and go in the cupboard again.

Spelling Term 1 Week 10

Activity One:

The goverment had a session to reform the policy on recreation.Sports people, children, teachers and parents were invited to give their opinion which was united in the discussion.

Activity Two:

oath- a promise

outlaws- someone who doesn’t follow the law.

policy- The aim of the  group.

tenant- a person who rents a house.

repeal- cancel a law.

Activity Three:

a. Which side of the river  do you think  we should  stake our claim? asked the prospector.

b. The witch used  magic to turn fool’s gold into real gold.

c. The police constable insisted that  the gold  diggers  identify which of their fellow miners were claim jumpers.

d. ”Do you think the witch in the story was real or imaginary?” asked the student.

e. ”Which gold coach should we bail up next?”asked the bushranger.

f. On which continent did the  Spaniards search fruitlessly for the fable City of Gold which was they named ”El Dorado,The Gilded One”?

Activity Four:

a. weather- to do with the seasons. wether- to wear out, become old. whether- part of speech, choosing between 2 things.

b. way- about direction. weigh- how heavy something is. whey- a milk serum.

c. wear- relating to clothing. where- a question about something’s location. we’re- abbreviation of ‘ we are’.

d. Praise- Expression of approval. prays- To make a fervent request or entreaty. preys- An animal hunted or caught for food .

e. saw- to do with seeing. soar- to do with movement in the sky. sore- to feel pain.

f. Wails- to make mournful sounds. Wales- a division of the United Kingdom. whales- to engage in whaling or whale fishing.

g. Right- to do with the  direction, to have the winning opinion. write- to do with  putting words together. rite- a tradition.

h. Awe- a malt beverage. oar- a long shaft with a broad blade at one end. or- used to connect words. ore- a metal- bearing mineral or rock.


I thought I had enough time

On a Saturday morning I realised I didn’t know what the time was, so I got up to check.I thought I would have a  quick look at my footy cards and because I love them  so much I got distracted and lost track of  the time.I heard Mum say; ” hurry up it’s almost time to go,I was getting dressed as quickly as I could when I  heard the cats at my window so I  opened the window and let them in.

They are so cute  I thought I would play with them.’Now you’re late’ shouted mum,but I thought I had enough time.