Night Zoo Keeper

When the rest of the city is sleeping,it’s my job to be awake.

As the sun goes down the animals start to stir,and the stars begin to twinkle all around us.

The zoo comes alive with animal sounds.Lions are roaring,tigers are growlling,owls are hooting,squirrels are squirrelling and my favourite australian animal of all time the koalas are munching on delicious eucalyptus leaves.

I love knowing all the animals by name.My favourites are Gavin the giraffe,Simon the snake,Lemmy the lion,Henry the hippotamus and Pedro the platypus.

By the time the sun comes up i’m ready for more action.

One thought on “Night Zoo Keeper

  1. hi eamon this is a very funny story I like it because you named the platypus PEDRO and how you said AND MY FAVERITE ANIMAL OF ALL TIME THE AUSTRALIAN

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