The Weird Lid

There was a girl whose name was Pen. After school there was a problem – everyone in her family ate everything by the middle of the week.

So, on the Friday her parents told her they were going out so she had a good idea.  She went shopping and bought things she never gets, and hid the food in a shoe box so she can have something to eat for the next week after she gets home from school.

In the morning she checked if her food was there, but when she lifted the lid there was just SHOES in the box!  “What happened to my treats?” wondered Pen …

2 thoughts on “The Weird Lid

  1. I feel bad for the girl named Pen; it is hard to have any energy when your family eats your food! Look for places in your story where you could end some sentences, and then start a new one; it will make your story even more fun to read. Otherwise, nice work in using the prompt.

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