Spelling Week Five

Activity One:

Use a dictionary to help you explain the two meanings of the following homophones and homographs.

roll: move when rolling; list the class on the day if there at school; a sausage or bread that people eat.

role: a part that a performer or person plays.

vice: a person that acts when the other ones away.

vice: something that is a bad habbit; or a nasty thing.

won: is a thing if you win a trophy; or beat someone.

one: a number that you use in equations; or a single digit.

council: a group of people that segest ideas.

counsel: a lawyer who gives advice.

lie: something that someone ses is not true.

lie: to have a rest in flat position.

tear: is a drip of water when someone cries.

tear: when you break it in half ( paper)

Activity Two:

Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words.

citizen: a native or naturalized member of the state.

power: possession of  controlling influence.

respect: to be nice to them if they try.

upper: a bed that can be on a ship or train.

House: a place that you live in to keep you warm.

Activity Three:

The mayor of our local council has approved a project to build a road through a local park.

My mother wrote to our local member to say the rights of children had been denied.As a tax payer she felt she had to have her say as did many other people who also sent their objections through the mail.The road had been allowed to go ahead anyway.The council won.


The mystery

Late one night there wre a group of people standing there listening.

It was something dark and quick they were desperate to find out what it was.The next day they noticed something different.The groud was shaking and sparks were flying everywhere,Everyone covered their ears and eyes because they were scared,It got louder and louder and the light got brighter.Suddenly,with a bang,the ground opened up and a rocket burst out,towards the sky,and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.It was gone.

Everyone was on taske and none thought about the rocket anymore.




Behind The News

The people’s Choice award was given to the researcher named Lydia-Marie Joubert, she was given it for the illustration hand controlling the bacterial biofilms.A novel imaging the growth of the bacteria.Usually 400 times resolution, thedark-grey fingerprints of the hand scupture.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 1 problem

Question 23: Which two weights need to be swapped to balence the scales?

prediction: I think this is a addition and subtraction problem because you take away a number and add a number.

Clarify: The problem tells you to balence the scales.

1. Switch numbers to make the scales the same weight

2. I dot the numbers 7kg and 9kg.

Summery: The stradergy I did was I swopped the bigger number for a smaller number.

The Light Show

On a quiet night there were a family who went to the light show. Having never been to a light show before, they were wondering what a light show looked like and were thinking about if they would enjoy it.

When they got there they saw the colours green, yellow, blue and a little bit of purple, when they walked closer to the projection. They were fascinated by the way the tiny projector could beam light to make such a beautiful picture show.  When it finished they were sad to leave but excited by the idea of coming back again another time.