The First Ashes

It was a Wednesday morning. The first test had begun in England. Australia won the toss and elected to bat.

In the crowd ladies wore long white frocks and gentlemen were wearing dark suits and bowler hats. At lunch the score was 0 for 144. Every one watching had food with them. Genltlemen bought Tooths Ales from the beer tent, ladies drank tea and ate cheese sandwitches from their hampers. The crowd sat on the grassy slopes around the ground.

The first wicket fell for 144 when Blackham got bowled. Blackman had a big black beard that made him look like Ned Kelly (who was roaming the bush back in Australia). Then they collapsed in the middle session, losing 9 wickets for a measly 118 runs. Australia finished with 262 runs. Bannerman made 165 runs in the first innings and retired hurt with a split finger.

The weather turned bad after the tea brake and it started spitting rain. Play kept going as they didn’t have covers to keep the wicket dry. This made batting difficult and runs hard to make.

In their first innings, England scored only 131 runs. England were exactly half Australia’s score. The English players were thinking about how they could win the match but Australia had all the anwers.

In the second innings Australia scored only 55 runs. They finished with 317 runs in the match.

England were chasing 186 in there second innings but scored 85 runs at the end of the match. England scored a total of 216 runs, Australia 317 runs. Australia won the match by 101 runs.

Midwinter got 6 wickets for 101 runs. He played very well. Kendall played alright with 1 wicket for 54 runs in the first innings. The second innings he got 7 wickets and 55 runs.

The Australian team were very pleased to have won the first ever test match. It made the four month trip to England by boat worthwhile.