Maths Mate Term2 Sheet6 Q24.

The question sese that you enter a number in each circle so that the number on each line equals the sum of the numbers at each end.

So before you start.In the question there are three numbers 10,16,18 and there are three more numbers to fill in so you have to use two numbers that equal 10,16,18 for all of them.

For 10 I did 6+4=10 that worked for 16 I did 12+4=16 that also worked and for 18 Idid 12+6=18 and that worked.

I was luckey that I got it right the first time because on other sheets I had to do it 3 or 4 times.

Maths Mate Term2 Sheet5 Q5

This equation is 367 +315. First you do 7+5=12 then you put 2 in the ones column and the one at the top of 6 in the tens column the next step is you add 1+6+1=8 so you put the 8 in the tens column the next step you plus 3+3=6 the next step you put the 6 in the hundreds column and the last step then you have your answer which is 682.

15/5/13 maths blog

Maths Mate question 17.

Italian violin maker Antonio Stradivari labelled his first violin 66 years into the 17th century.

What was the year?

My answer was 1665

1. The 17th century starts at the year 1600.

2. 1600 is year one + 65 years=66 years into the 17th century.